Capitol Terrorist Attack


Capitol Terrorist Attack - January 6th

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Remember that everyone here is innocent until proven guilty.
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Thanks to the many photographers and journalists present at the crime scene that day. Thanks to the people sending tips about photos/videos via the form. Thanks to the annotators @SeditionData, @SeditionScanner, @InTh3Middle @TwittsnTweets, @ParlerVideos and many others for the many hours of annotating individuals and adding photos and videos. Thanks to the community for the many contributions of photos and videos. Please get in touch via DM to, if you want to help with maintenance of annotations and/or photo/video galleries.

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Statistics: 1740 hashtagged individuals (628 arrested, 1112 not arrested), 493 of interest to the FBI (148 arrested, 345 not arrested).
Most recent hashtags: FBI465, DeWALTingDeTarp, TunnelStumbleBee, JonathanAceSanders, JuliaJeanetteSizer, GassyPitcher, BrownSmasher, NotMrMustard, LoserFlag, JosephIrwin
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Most recent arrests: matthewpurdy, juliobaquero, dickrobin, babyfaceinsider, deepbluesquander, gregorynix, louisvalentin, davidrhine, uglygunsweater, proudboycowboy
RAE, Paul Charles
RONDON, Rafael
GEORGE Jr., Edward "Eddie"
GRIFFITH Sr., Anthony Alfred
FERRIGNO Jr., Antonio
VO, Antony
YOUNG, Kyle James
PURDY, Gregory Richard
SORGENTE, Kim Michael
SANTILLAN, Blas Fabian
LOLLIS, James Jr.
MANLEY, Christian Matthew
SMITH, Charles Bradley
MARTINEZ, Felipe Antonio "Tony"
STAGER, Peter Francis
CARLTON, Jonathan Daniel (aka Danny Carlton)
RHINE, David Charles
TURNER, Robert